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Washington Post Covers Afghan Resettlement Challenges in Norcal

The 5ive Pillars Organization was mentioned in the Washington Post's coverage of ongoing challenges related to Afghan resettlement across the United States.

Washington Post journalist Abigail Hauslohner interviewed our co-founder, Zuhal Bahaduri, on ongoing housing, healthcare, and employment challenges faced

by Afghan newcomers in the San Francisco Bay Area. A critical obstacle that was highlighted in Hauslohner's article that has garnered little attention was the mental toll of family separation on resettled newcomers, especially in children.

Speaking to WaPo, our co-founder Zuhal Bahaduri raised the reality that many Afghans face in temporary hotel housing, including at an Extended Stay in San Jose, California, where The 5ive Pillars Organization has been providing essential support, including coordinating and distributing donated clothing, school supplies, and offering case management support to vulnerable newcomers.

“He sees the other kids with their mothers, and he comes home and he asks his dad: ‘Why isn’t my mom taking me to school?'" Bahaduri told WaPo on a case involving an Afghan child who was resettled with his father after being separated from his mother during the Kabul crisis.

The 5ive Pillars Organization has increased its capacity on case management support, recruiting several Farsi and Pashto speaking volunteers across the Bay Area to help with interpretation, case referral, and other resettlement support as needed.

To view the article, click here.

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