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Rolando Diaz

Advisory Board Member

Meet Rolando

Rolando is a Sacramento native, born to parents from Mexico who migrated to California in the 1980s. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with a minor in Middle East and Islamic Studies, from San Francisco State University in 2018. He earned his

Master of Arts in Migration Studies from the University of San Francisco and studied abroad at Universidad Iberoamericana in

Mexico City in 2021. His research interests include labor migration and integration. 

After living in San Francisco for 8 years, Rolando returned to his hometown of Sacramento to work in the Democratic Office of Communications and Outreach at the California State Assembly. Rolando began his humanitarian work as an Immigration Services intern for the International Rescue Committee, where he worked towards naturalizing Afghan, Iraqi, Syrian, Mexican, and

Central American immigrants in the Sacramento region, as well as promoting the IRC's message to local communities.

Rolando went on to work in local Democratic campaigns and was elected as delegate to California Democratic Party State Convention for two terms. 


Rolando is motivated by The 5ive Pillars Organization's element of Service, aligning with his Jesuit approach in his academic research that centers inclusivity and assistance to vulnerable populations. Outside of his humanitarian work, Rolando enjoys taking road trips across California, being environmentally friendly, and spending time with friends and family in his adopted home of Mexico City. 

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