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Lifting Afghan Voices 

Submissions Open
Our Lifting Afghan Voices initiative is a community-driven program that amplifies the perspectives of Afghans, Afghan-Americans, and other migrant groups by publicizing and promoting their narratives, stories, memoires,  poems, and other writings.
Migration and displacement issues are especially welcomed. 
Submissions are welcome through Monday, September 5, 2022. 
Submission Guidelines

We are opening this forum to all original forms of creativity, including but not limited to narratives, short stories, essays, poems, songs, art, and more. There are no stylistic requirements and all work will be reviewed for respectful tone, relevancy, and the centering of Afghan, Afghan-American, and migrant groups around the world. 

You may include your first and last name in your work. If you prefer a pseudonym, please indicate so in your submission. Please review our brief terms and conditions below prior to submitting your work:


By submitting your original work  you attest and agree that: 

  • The work is original and you are the sole author.  

  • Co-authors are appropriately credited, if applicable. 

  • There is no expectation of compensation for this submission. 

  • The 5ive Pillars Organization has the right to disseminate this original work in all public forums, including social media accounts, website, meetings, and public events. 

  • The 5ive Pillars Organization has a right to decline submissions that do not meet the above guidelines. 

Send your submissions to 


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