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Zuhal Bahaduri

Co-Founder &
Executive Director

Favorite color: Red
Favorite cuisine: Chinese and sushi 
Favorite recreational activity: Beach days, hiking, watching the sunset and sunrise 

Meet Zuhal 

At the young age of 18, Zuhal Bahaduri ran her first campaign for a Fremont City Council candidate. Subsequently, she was elected as the first Afghan-American female California Democrat Party (CDP) Delegate for Assembly District 20. This is where registered Democrats vote for delegates to represent them in the party governance. These elections are open to all registered Democrats in California. When elected, Zuhal served two terms. 

Zuhal completed her Bachelors at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After running a successful campaign in West LA, for the 2012 CA Democratic Party’s No on 32 and Yes on 30, Zuhal was hired as a volunteer and training coordinator for the CA Democratic Party in Sacramento. In her role she analyzed, developed, and implemented statewide trainings for CDP stakeholders. Her expertise has led to a portfolio of local and statewide campaigns Field Directing for CA Democrats and consulting.

She is now a Public Healthcare IS Business Analyst, and owns a Mental Health Awareness Brand. When the crisis hit Afghanistan in 2021, Zuhal could not turn away from supporting her community, leading her to co-found The 5ive Pillars Organization to ensure newcomers would be welcomed with dignity, respect and thrive when resettling.