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The 5ive Pillars Org Seen in The New York Times

The 5ive Pillars Organization was mentioned in a New York Times article written by Michael D. Shear and Jim Tankersley on the issues facing Afghan refugees and newcomers across the San Francisco Bay Area.

The article, For Afghan Refugees, a Choice Between Community and Opportunity: In resettling thousands of displaced Afghans, the Biden administration must weigh their need for support against the needs of the U.S. labor market, Shear and Tankersley cover the multiple challenges faced by Afghan newcomers, including housing costs, language barriers, employment access, healthcare, and case management.

Photojournalist Gabriela Bhaskar visited the Matt Jimenez Community Center, also known as The 5ive Pillars Organization Donation Hub, located in Hayward, California. Bhaskar captured the work of The 5ive Pillars Organization, highlighting the efforts of providing emergency essentials to Afghan newcomer families in during the first weeks of the evacuation.

To read the full New York Times article, click here.

Source: Gabriela Bhaskar, New York Times


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