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Bridging the Tech Gap for Central Valley Afghan Refugees

Over 100 Central Valley Afghan newcomers were welcomed in a multi-organization relief drive over the weekend. Many newcomers came from Modesto to Merced to receive highly needed resources, including Chromebooks, backpacks, household essentials and influenza/COVID-19 vaccinations.

The need for resources in Turlock and its surrounding communities has increased in recent months, as newcomer numbers rise while resources fall short of the demand. In seeing a need for more aid, organizations across Northern California led a collaborative effort to bring their resources to the Central Valley’s refugee community.

In partnership with the Afghan-American Foundation and Welcome.US, The 5ive Pillars Organization was able to distribute 250 free Chromebooks to Afghan newcomers and their families. Our partners, ICNA Relief distributed 50 free backpacks to families and Home is For All, led by a high school student who joined our effort in August of 2021, donated $500 worth of household supplies and items for families.

We are extremely grateful to all our partners, donors and volunteers whose support made it possible for us to provide direct aid to families in the Central Valley who are the furthest away from community and state resources.

We continue to be grateful for HP’s donation to the 5ive Pillars Organization and Afghan-American Foundation and we are honored to form part of HP’s goal of accelerating digital equity for 150 million people by 2030.

Our program to bridge the tech gap for Northern California’s newcomer community continues as we now collaborate with Corporate eWaste Solutions (CEWS) and their Tech for Good initiative.

To learn more, visit CEWS Tech for Good page. More to come in the coming weeks about this effort.

Afghan newcomers stand in line for their turn at the IRC Turlock headquarters office in Turlock, CA.

Zuhal Bahaduri, Executive Director of The 5ive Pillars Organization stands next to Vivien Jacob, Director of IRC Turlock.

Attendees received an influenza and COVID-19 vaccine from the IRC.


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